St Ninians High School and Ballakermeen High School Finals results

On Thursday 28th February, St Ninian’s High School held their in-school Final for the Charity Challenge. This was followed on Monday 4th March by the Ballakermeen High School Final. All teams that have taken part and managed to complete the project through to this stage have secured some funding for their charities so well done. All of those that have taken part have demonstrated a great understanding of the project brief and executed their presentations exceptionally well, and are to be congratulated for the support and advocacy they have given to their respective charities – well done!

Going through to the Final on 27th March are St Ninian’s High School representing Thare Machi Education, and Ballakermeen High School representing International Refugee Trust. Great work and good luck!

King Williams College In-School Final result

The King Williams College Final was held on Tuesday 12th February and all the teams had done some fantastic work so the judges’ task was not easy. Charities represented were  Port St John, Wild Frontiers, Advantage Africa, Drop- Inn Ministries, Hands of Hope, Toybox, Pahar Trust, Mother’s Union, and Global Action Nepal.

Each team gave a thought provoking presentation about the wonderful work of their charities. The winning team gave an excellent presentation showing the work of Pahar Trust. They will go through to the inter-school final to be held at the Mountain View Innovation Centre on Wednesday 27th March, where they will compete with teams from around the Island for awards for their charity of up to £3,000, the Frances Davidson Cup, and the AFD Software Ltd Award for Advocacy. All the teams raised some funds for their charities both with prize money and from some fundraising work they had organised, so well done to all students taking part, and the teachers supporting the project.

Sarah, Project Officer

Meet the Charities Day Friday 19th October St Andrews Church Hall

There will be the chance for all participating students to meet some of the charities on Friday 19th October at St Andrew’s Church Hall. Don’t forget you can also look at finding your own charity to represent – just email me the charity and we can check that they meet the judging criteria. Your team will then send me a list of the three charities that you would like to represent from Monday the 22nd October to Friday 26th October (hopefully before you start half term) and I will let you know early in the first week back at school, which charity you have been allocated to work with. Don’t forget to ask the charities lots of questions and make notes to help your team decide which charity you would like to represent.

It should be a really enjoyable and interesting day – please contact me if you need any extra information.

Sarah, Project Officer

And Charity Challenge 2018-19 is underway!

School is back so that must mean it’s time to launch One World Charity Challenge 2018-2019!

If you’re in Year 12, then we’ll be in to see you over the next couple of weeks to talk about how you can get involved in supporting a life-changing charity that works overseas – and maybe change your own life too!

Previous participants have said taking part in the Challenge has helped them in a number of ways – with teamwork, research and presentation skills, and providing a great talking point in university and job applications. All this on top of the satisfaction of winning a cash prize for the small charity they chose to represent.

We’ll be posting more information over the next week or two but if you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us on

We are grateful once again to our sponsors AFD Software Ltd for supporting the Challenge and look forward to another great finals night at Mountain View next March

OWCC final a great success

The OWCC final, hosted by our sponsors AFD Software Ltd. at their impressive headquarters at the Mountain View Innovation Centre last week, was a great success. We were provided with amazing food as well as a great venue with state of the art facilities, including a huge touch screen, which all the student teams used to great effect.

The prize awards were as follows:

  • Ballakermeen High School: £500 grant award to Glad’s House
  • Castle Rushen High School: £500 grant award to Koru Hospital Fund
  • UCM: £500 grant award to Dekamile
  • King William’s College: £500 grant award plus £1,000 and AFD Award for Advocacy (AAA) to Global Action Nepal and the AAA shield
  • QEII High School: £1,000 grant award to Hands of Hope
  • St Ninian’s High School: £2,000 grant award plus £1,000 Audience prize to Developing Orphans
  • Ramsey Grammar School: £3,500 grant award to the Pahar Trust and the Frances Davidson Cup

Many thanks to everyone who was involved to make this evening such a success and a huge well done to all the student teams who worked so hard on their presentations.

Helen, OWCC Co-ordinator

Finals lineup now complete!

Following the amazing work put in by the OWCC teams throughout the year, the finals lineup is now complete:

Ballakermeen High School

Representing: Glad’s House. For thousands of children living on the streets of Mombasa, Kenya, life has always been a struggle for survival. The purpose of Glad’s house is to help as many ‘street children & youths’ as possible so that they can lead a ‘normal life’ and realise their potential.

Castle Rushen High School

Representing: Koru Hospital Fund. Raising funds that will enable Koru Mission Hospital to complete its’ refurbishment program.  Working with the Kenyan community for the last 15 years to provide access to sustainable and effective healthcare.

King William’s College

Representing: Global Action Nepal. GAN is an educational and social development charity which has been working with some of the poorest and most marginalized communities in Nepal for 20 years. Since the two earthquakes in April/May 2015, GAN have been working on building temporary houses and schools, providing mental health support for children, building sanitation facilities, and helping people prepare for disasters in the future.

Queen Elizabeth II High School

Representing: Hands of Hope. Seeking to help the poor, needy and homeless in Romania.  Working in the community through practical home building projects and supporting children.

Ramsey Grammar School

Representing: Pahar Trust.The Pahar Trust helps improve education and health services for remote communities in Nepal. They aim to enable some of the world’s poorest children to receive a high standard of education.

St Ninian’s High School

Representing: Developing Orphans (Do!). Involved in northern Uganda since 2005, Do! have helped 63 child headed orphan families make a new start. The youngest of these orphans now attend the Broadway Nursery and Primary school in Padibe. Do! have been building Broadway School since 2011 through a mix of self-sufficiency and donations.

University College Isle of Man

Representing: Dekamile. Dekamile are a relatively small but highly effective charity committed to helping impoverished people anywhere in the world. Their aim is to provide communities with enough support so that they never need any support again.


Well done to all teams who have participated throughout the year – I have been very impressed by your hard work and I am looking forward to what should be an exciting final!


Project Officer



Ballakermeen in-school competition

We had a great in-school competition at Ballakermeen High School last night, with all four teams giving really good presentations, showcasing the work of their charities in engaging and powerful ways. The three teams awarded £200 each for the work of their charities on the evening, made possible by funding from our sponsor AFD Software Ltd. of Ramsey, represented the charities Advantage Africa, the International Refugee Trust and ManASVI. The team representing the charity Glad’s House were chosen by the judges to go through to the inter school competition to be held in March.

Well done to all!

Helen, Project Officer

St Ninian’s in-school competition

The judges and audience were treated to a great in-school competition at St Ninian’s High School last night, with teams representing Friends of Pestalozzi, Developing Orphans (Do!) and East African Playgrounds all taking part. Each team gave a presentation about the great work carried out by their charities. The winning team, who gave a very inventive and original presentation, were the team representing Do!. They will go through to the inter-school final to be held at the Mountain View Innovation Centre on 21st March, where they will compete with teams from around the island for awards for their charity of up to £3,000, the Frances Davidson Cup, the AFD Award for Advocacy and the audience prize sponsored by the Scott Trust. The other two teams were awarded £200 each for their charities. Grant funding has been made available by sponsorship from AFD Software Ltd. of Ramsey.

Well done to all involved!

Helen, Project Officer


Happy New Year!

The New Year is now upon us and we are looking forward to the OWCC in-school competitions which will be held shortly, to decide which team will be selected from each school to take part in the inter-school final to be held in March. King William’s College have already held their in-school competition and the charity selected to participate in the final was Global Action Nepal. Awards will also be made to all other charities represented by teams from King William’s College. Well done to everyone who took part there and I am looking forward to seeing all the other presentations at the in-school competitions.

Helen, Project Officer


Meet the Charities day a great success!

Thank you to everyone who came to the ‘Meet the Charities’ day on Friday and made it such a success. Representatives of many of the island based charities were present and it was great to see so many enthusiastic and engaged students there, asking lots of questions!

Charity allocation will take place from tomorrow, Tuesday 17th October. The student teams will then start working with their charities in order to research the work of that charity and then prepare an engaging, original multi-media presentation based on their research.

Helen, Project Officer