Charity Choices

Thanks to all the students and the charities who took part in our Meet the Charity Day today. Next step is for the student teams to let us know by 5pm Tuesday 3rd October what their top 3 charity choices are. If possible also let us know what sort of topics you are interested in e.g. health, children, education etc to help with the allocation.

It was great to see so much enthusiasm and interest today – and so many teams! It’s shaping up to be a great Charity Challenge programme.

Meet the Charities Day

Our Meet the Charities Day, where you can come and find out more information about your charity choices, is now confirmed for Thursday 28th September. Your link teacher will let you know the times your school is attending and any travel arrangements needed. We look forward to seeing you there!

Amazing final last night!

Huge congratulations to everyone who took part in the final last night. Thank you to our sponsors, Gary and Susan Clueit, who made the event possible. A big thank you to AFD Software as well, for providing the facilities and all important technical support, and for sponsoring the AFD award for advocacy.

The results were as follows:

5th place – £500 award: QEII High School, representing the International Refugee Trust

4th place – £700 award: Castle Rushen High School, representing Hospice Africa

3rd place – £1,000 award: King William’s College, representing Gumboots UK

2nd place – £2,000 award: St Ninian’s High School, representing Tree Aid – also awarded the AFD Advocacy prize of £1,000 together with the shield for Advocacy

1st place – £4,000 award and the Frances Davidson cup: Ballakermeen High School, representing Advantage Africa

All the students completing the Charity Challenge this year have done amazing work – really well done to everyone involved.

St Ninian’s in-school competition

There was a very close competition at St Ninian’s High school yesterday. Following a lot of deliberation by the judges, the last finalist has now been announced, completing the line-up for Finals evening on 30th March. The results were as follows:

Tree Aid: Finalist

The following teams were awarded £150 towards the work of their chosen charity:

Bees Abroad

UK Langa Township pre-school Trust

Bouncing Ball Trust

Well done again to everyone involved. A fitting end to the in-school competitions this year!

Fourth finalist confirmed

We had an amazing in-school competition at Ballakermeen High School last night.

The team representing Advantage Africa were chosen to be the well deserved finalists. All the other teams also produced great presentations and all have been awarded £150 from sponsorship funds for the work of their charities, as listed below:

Seed Madagascar

Cohere Charity


Build it International

Thank you again to everyone involved.

Third finalist confirmed

The third finalist team for this year has been confirmed, following the in-school competition at Castle Rushen High School. Two teams took place in a very close competition.

The results are as follows:

Team representing Hospice Africa – Finalists

Team representing Bees for Development – awarded £150 for the work of the charity from sponsorship funds

Well done to both teams for creating interesting and engaging presentations.

Second finalist announced

There was a very closely run competition at King William’s College on Tuesday evening. It was really interesting to hear the students talk about their charities with such enthusiasm and knowledge. There were some great examples of advocacy as well.

The results were as follows:

Gumboot UK – Finalist

The following teams were awarded £150 for the work of their charities:

Education Saves Lives

Street Child

Pump Aid


Leprosy Mission IOM


Well done again to everyone involved.

First finalists confirmed

We have our first finalist team confirmed, following a very closely-run competition at QEII yesterday afternoon. All the teams explained the work of their charities very well, and there were some great examples of advocacy.

The results are as follows:

Mustard Seed Project – £150 awarded for the work of the charity

Made with Hope – £150 awarded for the work of the charity

International Refugee Trust – Finalist, to compete in the inter-school competition on 30th March at Babbage’s (AFD)

Well done to everyone involved.

Good luck to all teams!

We will shortly be starting the in-school competitions, to decide which teams will be representing their schools at the inter-school final at Babbage’s (AFD), which will be held on the evening of Thursday 30th March. All charities represented by student teams at the in-school competitions will receive money for their work. Good luck to all the teams taking part!

Charity Challenge update

We have an amazing 23 teams this year. Many new charities , with their work focussed in Africa, are participating. There has been a huge amount of engagement and enthusiasm from the school teams, who are now making good progress with awareness raising for their charities and are also starting to put together their presentations, after liaising with the charities to find out more about their work. The next stage, after Christmas, will be the in-school competitions, where teams will be chosen to take part in the Final, which will take place at AFD Software on the evening of the 30th March (more details to be announced nearer the time). Good luck to all the teams and charities taking part!