Tips for this half term

Welcome back after your half-term break. This is a reminder of what should be on your horizon for this half-term:

Contacting your charities – hopefully you have already done this but, if not, please get in touch and introduce yourselves asap. Your charity contact will be a great source of information and can also help you with understanding the goals and mission of their organisation.

Finding a case study – again, your charity will help you find a case study and there may be a choice. Pick one that you can relate to so you can bring this element alive for others.

Advocacy – you should also be working on raising awareness of your charity and/or the issues that it is dealing with. You can choose to do this as you wish but if you are putting an assembly, lesson or media release together, please check back with your charity that you have the correct facts and information.

Basically, the key message is to keep in touch with your charity as you progress through your fact finding, advocacy and start pulling your presentation together!

I will be in to talk about the Sustainable Development Goals and give you tips on your presentation over the next few weeks but if you have any problems in the meantime, please get in touch.