Areas to Research

Please make sure you invite Sarah in to school early in November to talk to you in depth about the research.  This page is intended to be a summary of the key points to get you going……

There are four key areas to research/ include in your presentation:

1.  Clarity about the work of the charity and how effective you think it is.

Areas to consider are:

Sustainability – does the charity allow people to help themselves or are people dependent on the charity? Is the charity sustainable in the long term?  Do people become self-sufficient as a result of the charities work?

Finances – How do they spend their money? How much of their money goes to grass roots causes? How do they raise funds – is fundraising effective?

Resources – How big is the charity? Does is have many or few resources? Does it use it’s resources well?

Ask yourself plenty of questions as you go through the information about the charity. Can you find other sources of information about your charity from another perspective such as news and reviews, short films, magazines etc.  Could you interview someone from the charity?  It is expected that you will make contact with your charity to ask them questions and obtain additional resources from them.

2.  Advocacy for the charity and/ or global issues

3.  Explore the impact your charity has had on someone’s life

You will be able to ask your charity for case studies of different people who have been helped by the work of the charity.

4.  The Sustainable Development Goals – how is your charity working towards these?

There are a few pointers toward the Millennium Development Goals (the set of goals in place before the Sustainable Development Goals) in the Resources page.  These are now being replaced by the Sustainable Development Goals and further information will be added about these shortly. You will need to develop an understanding of why we have the Sustainable Development Goals, what they are, how your charity is working toward them and how successfully are being met?

We will come and talk to you more about the Sustainable Development Goals during November and December.  Please contact us to book a talk about this at your school.

It is expected that the research will take you up to the Christmas break, you should be able to produce a short document summarising your findings by the end of the autumn term.  Please make sure that before the holidays you have completed your research, doing this means that after Christmas you will have at least seven weeks to work purely on the fun and creative element of the presentation.

We recommend that you meet with your team at least once a week, keep track of your progress, plan and share the workload fairly between your team.  Communication with your team, tutors, charities and the One World Centre are essential to succeed with One World Charity Challenge.