How does it work?

You need to form a team of 3 to 5 people who are keen to learn about charities working in the developing world and willing to give a presentation about the work of a charity. You will also be given the chance to advocate for your chosen charity or for global development – enabling you to make an even greater difference to the lives of those in the developing world.

Once you are in your teams we would like to talk to you about what makes an effective charity and what you need to consider when choosing which charity you want to represent. You will be asked to select three charities in order of preference.

Each charity may only be represented by one team. You will normally be able to represent your first, second or third choices. Charities will be allocated on a random basis, based on your selected preferences.

After half term we will come to school to talk to you about the elements you need to research, how to work as a team and how to manage the project effectively.  You have until Christmas to complete your research.

We also offer a talk on the Sustainable Development Goals to assist you with your research.

At the beginning of January we will visit school again to give a talk about presentation techniques and how to put a good presentation together.  Once this is complete it is over to you create a multi media presentation that is 10 – 12 minutes long, depicting the work of your charity and the impact is has upon someone’s life.  The presentation should be lively and imaginative and could include music, imagery, drama, role play – this is your chance to be creative and have fun!

The next stage, which normally takes place in February, will be to host your own in-school competition to decide which team will represent your school at the all-Island final.  We encourage you to work with all the teams at your school to put on a evening event where you all give your presentations in front of an audience which you have invited.  You will also need to invite a group of up to four people, which may include teachers, students, school governors, MHKs, and subject specialists, to act a judges for the evening.  This is a great opportunity for you to get your message to a much wider audience, raising awareness of your charity – you may even get some donations to your charity!

At your in-school competition each presentation will be judged according to the criteria used for the final.  Your team may receive a sum of money for your charity based on the merits of your presentation.  One team will be chosen to represent your school at the final.

The final is held in March and there will be a rehearsal day before that. Each team will have a one hour slot, please come prepared with your presentation, scripts and any props you may be using.  Tickets for the final are available from the One World Centre and all are welcome to attend.

After the final all the money that the sponsors have put in the grant pool is distributed between the charities based on the merits of your presentation, those with the highest scoring presentations will receive a greater proportion of the grant pool.