Time Frame

September: School launch – the One World Charity Challenge is launched in schools. We will also give a talk on how to choose and effective charity.  You will need to form teams of 3 – 5 people.

September – Charity Choice: You will choose three charities initially and rank them in order of preference. We will notify you of the closing date for entries.  If possible you will be allocated one of your three choices of charity to represent.

October: We come into school on a mutually agreed date and give a talk about how and what to research, how to work as a team and how to manage the project effectively.  You start your research.  You contact your charity, explain the project, interview a representative from the charity and source any additional information you need.  We also give a talk on the Sustainable Development Goals, you need to book this talk through the One World Centre.

December: You arrange a meeting with your tutor / mentor or OWC rep to make sure you are on track, to discuss your research findings so far and to resolve any problems that may have arisen.  You compile and complete all the research needed before you can create the presentation.

January: We give a talk on presentation techniques, then it is over to you to put together a lively, creative and interesting presentation explaining what it is that makes your charity really effective.

February: You arrange another meeting with your tutor / mentor / OWC rep to check your progress and put finishing touches to the presentation.  Then rehearse, rehearse and rehearse it some more!  You will also need to set up you in-school final event working with all the teams at your school.

March: All in-school finals must be completed by mid February.  The winning team from each school will take part in the Inter-School Final.  All students receive a certificate for your Record of Achievement, and the winning school will be presented with the Frances Davidson Charity Challenge Cup.  For the Finalists that demonstrate the best advocacy work in their presentation, there is an  extra funding prize and the Award for Advocacy from AFD Software Ltd. The grant pool generated by the teams taking part is distributed between the charities that were represented.