Judging Criteria

Your work in the Charity Challenge programme will be judged against the following criteria. The maximum marks for each aspect are shown.

1. Work of the charity: Why you chose your charity; a clear statement about the work of the selected charity, the results and outputs and the benefits it delivers (rather than just the activities of the charity). How effective do you think it is? (5 marks)

2. Engagement with the charity: Evidence that you have worked closely with your charity.  (5 marks)

 3. Case Study: How the chosen charity has helped someone by demonstrating the difference the charity’s help has made.  (5 marks)

4. International Development: Which issues do young people in the area served by your charity face on a daily basis? Which Sustainable Development Goals are the charity meeting and how is this measured? (5 marks)

5. Advocacy for the work of the charity and/ or international development: This looks at how you, as world-citizens, have used your voice to raise awareness, or to press for change.  You could do this, for example, by setting up a website, engaging with a politician, contributing to a newsletter or online forum, or writing in mainstream or social media.  In doing this, you could focus narrowly on your project, or tackle a wider theme relevant to the project (eg fair trade or child labour), or poverty/underdevelopment in general. (5 marks)

6. Creating an original, engaging and creative multi-media presentation: Marks will be awarded for creativity, impact and clarity. (10 marks)