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This guide lists charities taking part in One World Charity Challenge 2020-21. It does not include all Manx or UK registered charities working overseas.

Please remember that all charities taking part in the Charity Challenge must be Isle of Man or UK based and have international development as their main aim. Please check with us first that they meet the criteria for taking part in the One World Charity Challenge.

Manx registered charities working overseas:

DO! Developing Orphans Isle of Man registered charity 

Developing Orphans would love to be part of your Charity Challenge team. Involved in northern Uganda since 2005 we understand how conflict destroys lives, families and a way of life. In a difficult post-Lord’s Resistance Army civil war environment we have helped 63 child headed orphan families make a new start. Enabling them to survive and thrive through self-sufficiency support and education. The youngest of these orphans now attend the Broadway Nursery and Primary school in Padibe. We have been building Broadway School since 2011 through a mix of self-sufficiency and donations.

Drop Inn Ministries

Drop Inn Ministries is a Registered Christian Charity that seeks to bring Hope, Help and Healing to a hurting world through providing Humanitarian Aid. Based in Northern Ireland and funded from a chain of Charity Shops throughout Ireland, UK, USA and Canada it works alongside Churches in Africa, Eastern Europe, India, The Philippines, Venezuela, and Haiti. Altogether we provide support today in 15 different countries around the world

Excellent Development

Excellent supports subsistence farmers and their families to gain access to clean water and grow more food to eat, store and sell.  We support communities to build sand dams which provide clean water and the potential to invest time in sustainable agriculture.

Hands of Hope

Seeking to help the poor, needy and homeless in Romania.  Working in the community through practical home building projects and supporting children.

Koru Hospital Fund

Raising funds that will enable Koru Mission Hospital to complete its’ refurbishment program.  Working with the Kenyan community for the last 15 years to provide access to sustainable and effective healthcare.

Leprosy Mission Isle of Man

A Manx Registered charity, part of The Leprosy Mission International, a Christian development organisation that diagnoses, treats and offers specialist care, including reconstructive surgery, to leprosy patients.

Mothers’ Union Isle of Man

The Mothers Union project Church and Community Mobilisation  (CCM) in Tanzania  aims to develop unused land for kitchen gardens to feed their families and rear animals,  Women are empowered to take leadership roles within their Communities first as CCM facilitators to encourage  villages that they can  have sustainable income and not be dependent on charitable aid.  Giving women more leadership rolls  helps relationships between husbands and wives and  communities have reported a reduction in domestic violence.   CCM  reaches the most vulnerable in society.  CCM is raising awareness about climate change and how to adapt.

Pahar Trust

The Pahar Trust helps improve education and health services for remote communities in Nepal. They aim to enable some of the world’s poorest children to receive a high standard of education.

Port St John’s Community Centre Fund

A new Manx registered charity raising funds for a community centre in Port St John’s, South Africa.  Skype contact details available on request.

Thare Machi Education (Isle of Man) 

Thare Machi Education creates innovative educational resources for the world’s poorest people in their own language. The lessons are produced on interactive DVD and cover basic healthcare and simple life skills topics such as Malaria, TB, HIV, Basic Hygiene, Healthy Eating, Childcare and  Immunisation. Over 700 lessons exist which are being used by local community groups in over 20 countries.

UK based charities participating in OWCC

Action Village India

Action Village India is a UK-based charity working for change in rural India for 28 years. India’s rapid economic development has left hundreds of millions of people untouched and has destroyed the homes and livelihoods of millions more. It is those marginalised people that AVI’s partners work with, in the Gandhian tradition of nonviolent action, to right economic and social injustice.

Advantage Africa

Advantage Africa supports people affected by poverty, disability and HIV to improve their education, health and incomes. Their work helps some of East Africa’s most vulnerable people to overcome prejudice, help themselves and build a better future for their families and communities.

Dekamile are a relatively small but highly effective charity committed to helping impoverished people anywhere in the world. Their aim is to provide communities with enough support so that they never need any support again.
They operate on the basis that they have no overheads, costs or expenses, stating that every penny donated goes to the people we are working with.

East African Playgrounds

East African Playgrounds provides play programmes in disadvantaged communities across Uganda. In each community, they use a repeatable model which includes:


  • the installation of a high quality, safe and exciting playground, based on community consultation and following the latest international safety standards, built using locally sourced and recycled materials

Vocational training

  • in-depth theoretical and practical training for teachers in the importance of play-based and child-centred teaching for children’s learning, and its use in the classroom

Community engagement

  • training for communities and parents in the importance of play for children’s healthy development, and practical ways to encourage children to play.

Glad’s house

Thousands of young people live on the streets of Mombasa, Kenya. For these children life has always been a struggle for survival, often leading to the misuse of alcohol, drugs and a life of crime. The purpose of Glad’s house is to help as many ‘street children & youths’ as possible so that they can lead a ‘normal life’ and realise their potential.

Global Action Nepal

GAN is an educational and social development charity which has been working with some of the poorest and most marginalized communities in Nepal for 20 years. Our work has historically focussed on improving gender equality within schools and teacher training. Since the two earthquakes in April/May 2015, we have been working on building temporary houses and schools, providing mental health support for children, building sanitation facilities, and helping people prepare for disasters in the future. Any funds raised will go directly towards these programmes.

International Refugee Trust (IRT)

Founded 1989 to help improve the lives of refugees, internally displaced people and returnees around the world. We are there when the big agencies move on. We focus on small scale projects and are committed to seeing the full project through.  We provide medical care, homes, food, education, training and income-generating projects to help rebuild people’s lives.  Countries where IRT is currently active include Uganda, South Sudan, Eritrea, Thailand, Jordan and Colombia.

Kids Club Kampala

The aim of Kids Club Kampala is to bring hope and love to vulnerable children and to transform poor communities in Uganda. Founded in 2009, Kids Club Kampala was set up to overcome the lack of hope and self-esteem of children living in situations of extreme poverty, and works to bring about sustainable changes through various development projects and supporting basic needs.

S.A.L.V.E. International

S.A.L.V.E. is a UK and Ugandan charity working hard to make sure there is “No street called home.”

We aim to reduce the number of young people living on the streets of Uganda through counselling, care and learning.

We support children on the streets to return home to their families (or another loving family) and to re-enter education.

Send A Cow

Every day families face poverty that is extreme, cruel, and worst of all – unnecessary. But rural Africa is rich with opportunity and where there is land, there is hope.
Send a Cow doesn’t impose solutions, we help grow them from within. That’s why they work. Our African-designed solutions were developed with, and for, the communities we support. Families get back the skills and confidence they need to get the most from their land. Families can grow enough food, earn a living and go after their dreams.

St George Foundation

The St George Foundation is a charity in England and a Local Non-Government Organisation (NGO) in Sierra Leone, working in partnership since 2004. In England, we are a small team of volunteers with no paid staff and no physical office. This enables 97% of everything we raise to go directly to the work in Sierra Leone.

In Sierra Leone, we are a Local NGO and work closely with The Sierra Leonean Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs (MSWGCA).  We belong to the Child Protection Committee and also Family Tracing & Reunification (FTR) Group. We are the leading child welfare provider in an area known as Western Rural with a population of approximately 250,000 people.  This is the rural area immediately on the outskirts of Freetown and covers the Freetown Peninsula (excluding the urban area itself).

The Toybox Charity

Toybox started working in Guatemala City in 1992, and we are still there today, working with children who have been plunged into the chaos of living or working on the streets. From working in one country with one partner we are now working in five countries with six partners.


WATSAN is a UK charity dedicated to the support of a water and sanitation programme in South West Uganda. Thanks to WATSAN’s work, people in rural communities have access to life-saving clean water and hygienic toilet facilities.

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