Charity Challenge Final 2020

All of the teams from all of the Islands Secondary Schools have now completed their presentations and in-school competitions and we would like to congratulate you all on getting in to the Final! All of the students that have taken part in the Charity Challenge and presented their work to their schools deserve a big well done, you have all worked hard to make the lives of other people better and can be rightly proud of your achievement.

As to this year’s Final, it should be happening on Wednesday 25th March. Although we are still continuing preparations, we are following IOM Government current guidance, as we are aware that the situation can change quickly and are preparing for this. We are assessing this carefully, and will be notifying everyone involved as quickly as we can of any changes to the Event. We are working on this with the Charity Challenge sponsors AFD Software team and would like to thank them all for their ongoing support.

It’s really important that we can balance sensible precautions whilst making sure we recognise the work done by the students over the past six months, that is benefiting the lives of people overseas, and that allocated funding reaches the Charities that the teams have been working with. We will stay in contact with everyone connected with Charity Challenge and will keep everyone updated. Thank you for your understanding.