Launch of Charity Challenge 2019-2020

The beginning of the new school year brings opportunities for Year 12 students to take part in the One World Charity Challenge 2019-2020!

If you’re in Year 12, you have the unique opportunity to take part in a project that supports charities working to improve the lives of people overseas, gaining an insight into the problems they face and how you can help.

Taking part in the Challenge gives you the chance to develop existing skills and discover new ones – including teamwork, research, creativity, and presentation skills. Completing the challenge is a real plus when included in university and job applications. Above all you will be directly involved in improving the lives of people in desperate need of help, both by your ideas for promoting your chosen charity, and by winning prize money that goes directly to the people your charity works with.

We’ll be posting more information over the coming weeks but if you are interested in taking part, and have any questions about the challenge, please contact us on We will do our best to help!

We are really grateful to our sponsors AFD Software Ltd for supporting the Challenge and providing the venue and technical expertise for the student teams, and look forward to another dazzling Final at Mountain View next March!

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