And Charity Challenge 2018-19 is underway!

School is back so that must mean it’s time to launch One World Charity Challenge 2018-2019!

If you’re in Year 12, then we’ll be in to see you over the next couple of weeks to talk about how you can get involved in supporting a life-changing charity that works overseas – and maybe change your own life too!

Previous participants have said taking part in the Challenge has helped them in a number of ways – with teamwork, research and presentation skills, and providing a great talking point in university and job applications. All this on top of the satisfaction of winning a cash prize for the small charity they chose to represent.

We’ll be posting more information over the next week or two but if you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us on

We are grateful once again to our sponsors AFD Software Ltd for supporting the Challenge and look forward to another great finals night at Mountain View next March