Ballakermeen Finalists

Congratulations to the Ballakermeen team representing the ‘Send a Cow’ charity, who have won their in-school final against some very tough competition. The Final was held on Wednesday 28th April and all of the teams that have completed the challenge have done extremely well, not least because they have not had time to work together as much as would normally happen. The funds that the teams had individually raised for their respective charities, as part of their advocacy work, were quite astounding, and will go a long way to supporting the sustainable programmes that the charities are working on overseas. We look forward to seeing the Send a Cow Team in the Final and wish them the best of luck – Well done!

Charity Challenge Final new date Wednesday 16th June

Due to the impact of the recent lockdown on school schedules, the rescheduled date of Wednesday 28th April will not be possible. The Final has therefore been rescheduled once again and will now take place on Wednesday 16th June, with the same timetable starting at 6.30pm with light buffet reception from 6pm. We hope this extra time will give everyone a chance to complete Charity challenge without impacting too much on other commitments.

King Williams College Final results

We are pleased to announce that the King Williams College In-school Final took place virtually, with quite a bit of early planning from the teams to create video presentations.

Congratulations to the winners –

Scarlett, Ava, Jasmine, Alice, Christina, and Sophie who will go on to represent Global Action Nepal in the Final.

The King Williams College teams have all worked very hard for their charities and have raise a collective £2000 in addition to prize money. Well done for navigating the project through some tricky times, and having the tenacity to keep up the support for your charities. Great Work!

Postponed Charity Challenge Final 2021

Due to the Island’s current lockdown restrictions, the original Final date scheduled to take place on Wednesday 24th March will not be possible. The Final has therefore been rescheduled to take place on Wednesday 28th April with the same timetable starting at 6.30pm with light buffet reception from 6pm.

We hope that this new date will not be impacted by further restrictions but will endeavor to keep everyone informed as to progress.

Charity Challenge during lockdown

Happy New Year! Hope you are all well. During this current lockdown we wish to assure student teams and their charities that are taking part, that Charity Challenge is still very much active and progressing. Our final date is still set for Wednesday 24th March.

Certain aspects of the project may at this moment be difficult or require some adaptation, and we are here to help with this. Teams are encouraged to contact Sarah by email to discuss options. Keep communicating with your charities, stay active, and stay safe!

Charity Challenge Final Date

Charity Challenge 2019 Winning Team from Castle Rushen High School

The Charity Challenge 2021 Final will be held on Wednesday 24th March, with rehearsals for all finalist teams taking place on Tuesday 23rd March, at the Mountain View Innovation Centre. The AFD Ltd Team are kindly giving their time to help teams prepare for the Final Presentations, and one hour slots are now available to book for rehearsals.

Teams should by now have gathered lots of information from their charities, sourced a case study, and have identified which of the Sustainable Development Goals is most relevant to the work of their charity. Advocacy work should be well underway, and teams will all have an idea of how they want to present the information.

In-school Finals need to take place at least 2 weeks before the Final so ideally by the end of February. The finalists will then go through to the Final at MVIC and compete for the top prizes. Everyone that completes the project and presents their work will win a funding contribution to the charity they are representing.

The next seminar will be about how to present your work, and will be in January. Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year!

Meet the Charities Day

Our ‘Meet the Charities’ Day will be held on Friday 16th October at St Andrews Church Hall, Douglas. This event is a chance for students to come and explore the work of the charities they are hoping to support. All schools have now booked slots for the teams to attend, and we look forward to meeting you all there.

Charity Challenge 2020-21

Welcome back! After the disappointment of the 2020 Final being cancelled at the last minute, we are pleased to be able to visit all secondary schools once again to talk about One World Charity Challenge 2021 and invite Year 12 students to take part in the project with us. Charities supporting development overseas are facing a new crisis and you can help!

If you’re in Year 12, this is your chance to learn more about how overseas aid works and develop your knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Taking part in the Challenge gives you the chance to develop existing skills and discover new ones – including teamwork, research, creativity, and presentation skills. Completing the challenge is a real plus when included in university and job applications. Above all you will be directly involved in improving the lives of people in desperate need of help, both by your ideas for promoting your chosen charity, and by winning prize money that goes directly to the people your charity works with.

We’ll be posting more information over the coming weeks but if you are interested in taking part, and have any questions about the challenge, please contact us on We will do our best to help!

We are really grateful to our sponsors AFD Software Ltd for supporting the Challenge and providing the venue and technical expertise for the student teams, and look forward to another dazzling Final at Mountain View next March!


As you will all be aware, the Final of Charity Challenge that should have taken place tonight is not happening. We are all facing dramatic changes to our daily lives following the outbreak of the covid-19 corona virus pandemic.

AFD Software, sponsors of the Charity Challenge, have kindly donated £1750.00 to each of the 6 charities that were in the final, in lieu of the competition prize money, and we are extremely grateful for this. It means that the students work has not gone in vain, and will be recognised. All the charities are willing to recognise the work of the students on their own platforms, as is the One World Centre. In our view, all of the students that have carried the project through to completion have been successful and the work they have done will have an extremely beneficial effect on the work of all the charities and the people they support.

Charity Challenge Final 2020

All of the teams from all of the Islands Secondary Schools have now completed their presentations and in-school competitions and we would like to congratulate you all on getting in to the Final! All of the students that have taken part in the Charity Challenge and presented their work to their schools deserve a big well done, you have all worked hard to make the lives of other people better and can be rightly proud of your achievement.

As to this year’s Final, it should be happening on Wednesday 25th March. Although we are still continuing preparations, we are following IOM Government current guidance, as we are aware that the situation can change quickly and are preparing for this. We are assessing this carefully, and will be notifying everyone involved as quickly as we can of any changes to the Event. We are working on this with the Charity Challenge sponsors AFD Software team and would like to thank them all for their ongoing support.

It’s really important that we can balance sensible precautions whilst making sure we recognise the work done by the students over the past six months, that is benefiting the lives of people overseas, and that allocated funding reaches the Charities that the teams have been working with. We will stay in contact with everyone connected with Charity Challenge and will keep everyone updated. Thank you for your understanding.