AFD Software Ltd

The AFD Group was founded as a home-based business in Scotland in 1983 – and moved to the Isle of Man in 1997. Situated in 25 acres of idyllic views and countryside at Mountain View Innovation Centre, just outside Ramsey, the business now employs over 100 staff – with offices and subsidiaries in the UK, France and USA. With a variety of co-working and membership options, Mountain View Innovation Centre is all about nurturing innovation, not only providing creative co-working and meeting spaces to enhance idea acceleration but also boasts excellent events and venues spaces with top of the range AV facilities. Everyone is welcome to visit the site and enjoy lunch at Babbage’s Bistro, which also provides flexible catering options across the site and venues and even take a stroll along the nature trails to view the stunning sculptures on display.

The company was established as a direct expression and outworking of the Christian faith and continues to operate under five guiding objectives rooted in that conviction:

  • To produce and market world-class, innovative products and services that genuinely contribute benefits to society.
  • To demonstrate excellence through honesty, integrity and quality in our products, services and the way we do business.
  • To provide high quality employment and learning opportunities for our staff and help them to grow in skills and as people.
  • To contribute directly and indirectly to the quality and well-being of the society in which we live.
  • To generate profits, and to use them creatively in the relief of suffering, the improvement of society and furtherance of the Christian gospel.

Each year the business distributes significant funds to support carefully chosen projects that are in line with these objectives (well over £1 million during 2019/2020) – with a careful balance between local, national and international projects.

AFD is especially committed to helping rising generations of young people in the relatively affluent Isle of Man to engage with their responsibilities as World-Citizens and who therefore become advocates and instruments for change – especially for the world’s poor and disadvantaged.

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